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Rich Szabo - Manhattan At Dusk CD
Jazzmania Records

Former Maynard Ferguson trumpet player Rich Szabo leads an all-star big band through some of the most exciting arrangements ever.

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Manhattan At Dusk
County Bass Line

1987 B.C.
How High The Moon
My True Blue Oti
Mr. Roger's
Shoo Fly Pie
Skeeter's Blues

CAT# JCD6013

Currently Unavailable

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Spanky Davis
Spanky Davis & Roy Eldridge

"Spanky & Roy - Passing The Torch"

One of the most under-rated jazz trumpeters today. Spanky Davis, protoge of Roy Eldgride in concert with his mentor.

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CAT# CHR70039

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John Somers Dream Orchestra
Mid-Somers Night Dream

1. Minnie The Moocher
2. On The Street Where You Live
3. Beautiful Maria Of My Soul
4. Perfidia
5. Woodchopper's Ball
6. Mack The Knife
7. Stars Fell On Alabama
8. You're Nobody TIl Somebody Loves You
9. I'm Beginning To See The Light
10. Autumn Leaves
11. Leap Frog
12. When I Fall In Love
13. The Opener
14. I Remember Clifford
15. Corner Pocket


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Erick Storckman - Scrapbook
Storckman is a virtuoso trombonist who plays with a beautiful, velvety sound over the entire instrument. His stylistic heritage can be traced to a wide branching family tree of legendary trombonists: J.J. Johnson and Tommy Dorsey are easy to spot in his playing, and yet it is clear that years of slugging it out in New York and on the road, playing bebop, dixieland, r&b, salsa, and ska have given Erick his own distinct style.

Golden Boy
Innocent Ways
This Thing Called Madness
Barefoot Dance

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Rick Henly - Love Like Fire
In his first solo recording, Trumpet player Rick Henly shares his two loves: trumpet playing and a tempestuous exploration of a wide range of music.

Man With A Horn
La Virgin de la Macarena
Till There Was You
Sun And Moon
The More I See You
The Brandenburg Gait
I Can't Get Started
Latin Doll
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Once In A While
Without A Song
How Great Thou Art

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Rick Henly - Christmas Present
A brand new release from one of the top trumpet players in New York City!

Songs Include:

  • Ding Dong Merrily On High/Angles We Have Heard On High
  • Jingle Bells
  • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
  • Bach's O'Christmas
  • Will santa Come This Year?
  • Carol For Another Christmas
  • The Christmas song
  • Silver Bells
  • O Come All Ye Faithful
  • Silent night
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    Jim Cifelli - Bullet Trane

  • 1.Bullet Trane (Cifelli) 5:32
  • 2.Dolphin Dance (Hancock) 7:17
  • 3.It Could Happen to You (Burke/VanHeusen) 4:37
  • 4.Focal Point (Cifelli) 4:03
  • 5.Time Will Tell (Cifelli) 5:27
  • 6.Lady Bird (Dameron) 5:34
  • 7.Resurgence (Cifelli) 5:44
  • 8.Silent Eyes (Cifelli) 3:00
  • 9.In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) 6:39
  • 10.Far and Near (Cifelli) 8:01
  • Andy Gravish - Flugelhorn, Trumpet Anita Flanagan - Photography Barbara Cifelli - Clarinet (Bass), Flute, Sax (Baritone) Jim Cifelli - Arranger, Flugelhorn, Liner Notes, Producer, Trumpet Jim Cifelli New York Nonet - Performer Joel Frahm - Sax (Tenor) John Guth - Mastering, Mixing, Producer Jon Rosenberg - Engineer Mary Ann McSweeney - Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric) Pete McCann - Guitar Tim Horner - Drums

    This group, led by trumpet player Jim Cifelli, nicely straddles the line between big band and small combo jazz, combining the textural richness of the former with the tight discipline typical of the latter. They play in a relatively straight-ahead style, with no departures into arrhythmic experimentation or atonal wankery. But that's not to say there are no surprises -- trombonist Pete McGuinness provides an eccentric and wonderful uptempo arrangement of "It Could Happen to You," and while Cifelli gives Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance" an innovative but respectful new twist. Cifelli's compositions are the focal point of the disc, and they are excellent; the title track is a John Coltrane tribute inspired by Coltrane's "Countdown," and it sets the tone for the rest of the album with a dense, complex arrangement that unfolds intuitively despite its complexity. "Time Will Tell" is a lush, gorgeous ballad that shows off Cifelli's skill as an orchestrator, and his setting of the Tadd Dameron classic "Ladybird" in an unlikely Latin-jazz arrangement works far better than you'd expect. "Resurgence" is a disappointment, partly due to the sore-thumb fuzz guitar solo (played by the normally very tasteful Pete McCann), but it's just about the only one. This album is highly recommended.

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    Jim Cifelli - Tunnel Vision
  • 1.Go - 5:12
  • 2.Something She Said - 6:58
  • 3.Fee Fi Fo Fum/Speak No Evil - 8:52
  • 4.Cajun Conniption - 5:47
  • 5.Cambio de Corazone - 5:07
  • 6.What Is This Thing Called Love? - 7:05
  • 7.Tunnel Vision - 9:50
  • 8.Prayer - 4:05
  • Jim Cifelli - Trumpet Andy Gravish - Trumpet Pete McGuinness - Trombone Cliff Lyons - Alto and Soprano Saxophones Joel Frahm - Tenor Saxophone Barbara Cifelli - Baritone Saxophone, C Flute, Alto Flute, and Bass Clarinet Pete McCann - Guitar Mary Ann McSweeney - Bass Tim Horner - Drums

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    Jim Cifelli - So You Say

  • 1.Undercurrent (Cifelli) 9:41
  • 2.Without Changes (McSweeney) 7:18
  • 3.So You Say (Cifelli) 7:48
  • 4.Night Lights (Mulligan) 5:44
  • 5.The Longing (McGuinness) 9:05
  • 6.Recorda Me (Henderson) 7:21
  • 7.First Sight (Cifelli) 5:52
  • 8.Where Is Carmela Going Now? (Cifelli) 6:54
  • Andy Gravish - Flugelhorn, Trumpet Angelo Verploegen - A&R, Production Coordination Barbara Cifelli - Clarinet (Bass), Flute, Sax (Baritone) Cliff Lyons - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano) Clifford Lyons - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano) Ed Xiques - Arranger Jim Cifelli - Arranger, Flugelhorn, Producer, Trumpet Jim Cifelli New York Nonet - Performer Joel Frahm - Sax (Tenor) John Guth - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer Jon Rosenberg - Engineer Kevin Ramsey - Photography Mary Ann McSweeney - Bass (Acoustic) Paul Adamy - Bass (Electric) Pete McCann - Guitar Pete McGuinness - Trombone Tim Horner - Drums Vincentia Grafische Vormgeving - Design

    For his second release, trumpeter Cifelli and his New York-based nonet walk the same path as the previous CD. Richly textured charts a la Thad Jones, Oliver Nelson, or Slide Hampton define this well conceived and executed sound. Most times large and expansive, at others intricate and layered, Cifelli's relatively mainstream writing exemplifies where this type of group is -- thickly settled in this area of modernism. They exude a spirit which reflects common goals, teamwork, and a passion for the beauty attained in this type of jazz. Cifelli also likes to toss a steaming hot electric guitar into the mix, and Pete McCann fills that bill here. Drummer Tim Horner and bassist Mary Ann McSweeney more than buoy the rhythms, fortifying and enhancing them. Cifelli is joined by fellow trumpeter Andy Gravish and saxophonists Joel Frahm and Cliff Lyons (both very good), while up-and-coming trombonist Pete McGuinness and baritone sax/flute/bass clarinet tripler Barbara Cifelli round out this fine ensemble; Paul Adamy plays electric bass guitar on two cuts. The leader wrote four of the eight selections. The title track is a simmering samba, with Cifelli's soloing showcasing a bright lyrical sound that is also reflective of his compositional bent. There's a great deal of involved interaction between the horns, as well as no shortage of unity. The multi-faceted "Where Is Carmela Going Now?" varies from six to eight beats, shifting almost telepathically while McCann and McGuinness lay out their lines of color. "First Sight" (about a child perhaps?) is a nice, easy, expansive ballad with a most expressive alto solo by the adept Lyons. "Undercurrent" seems to belie its title with its huge, hard-swinging sound and urgently rambling, well-balanced chart. The quieter solo section has the horns reveling in repeated melody lines and stop-start tactics as a backdrop for fine solos by Gravish and Frahm on tenor sax. McSweeney wrote "Without Changes," an ebb-and-flow number based in a multi-colored bossa/light swing frame, further illuminated by wonderful solos from McGuinness and, especially, Lyons' soprano sax. The trombonist contributes "The Longing," apropos at over nine minutes. It's an easy waltz with contrapuntal layers and a boppish, animated solo from Frahm's tenor. The standards are Gerry Mulligan's "Night Lights" (arranged by Ed Xiques), a lament-drenched, near-woeful ballad, and Joe Henderson's "Recorda Me," which starts with a wild intro, then a cool mid-section supplemental chart. Cifelli's potential as a bandleader is being realized, but his upside as a player and composer of ensemble jazz is still being scratched and sniffed, not yet fully inhaled. All things in time, for the democratic approach seems to suit him and his able cohorts quite well. This is a very good recording, recommended, and deserving of all jazz lovers' attention.

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    Bill Warfield - Hard Bop
  • Bill Warfield - trumpet
  • Chris Karlic - baritone sax
  • Tim Harrison - piano
  • Bob Devos - guitar
  • Leo Huppert - bass
  • Mike Richmond - bass
  • Grisha Alexiev - drums
  • Gary Rissmiller - drums

  • 1. Birdlike
  • 2. Tom Thumb
  • 3. But Not For Me
  • 4. Afrique
  • 5. Stardust
  • 6. Mogie
  • 7. Recordame
  • 8. Moonlight Becomes You
  • 9. Triple Threat
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