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TakTell SuperMini Metronome TSM-BK
TakTell Super-Mini Metronome

The smallest spring wound pendulum metronome available
Tempo Range: 40-208 BPM
Pocket Size

Retail: $36.25
Web Price: $24.95

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Qwik Time QT-7 Metronome
QuikTime Quartz Metronome

Quartz Metronome with "Woodblock" Click (uses 2AAA Batteries not included)

Retail Price: $24.95
Web Price: $19.95

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Wittner MT-50 Metronome
Wittner Quartz Metronome

40-208 BPM
Tilt Back Stand
Includes Earplug
Uses 9V Battery (Not Included)

CAT# MT-50
Retail Price: $29.50
Web Price: $21.95!

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Korg KDM-1 Quartz Metronome

Features a built-in acoustic resonating chamber for increased volume. Built-in A440Hz reference tone generator
Large LED display that provides visual reference of tempo.
Loud click sound allowing wide range of rhythm training applications.
Variable tempo range in 39 steps from 40 to 208 BPM.
Adjustable click volume level that can be defeated to use only flashing LED for rhythm training.
Earphone jack
Low battery-consumption design.
Dimensions: 3.86 w x 4 h x 1.56 d in.
Weight: 5.6 oz.
Uses 9V Battery (not Included)

Retail Price: $60.00
Web Price: $46.95!

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Korg KMA-20 Quartz Metronome

A portable, versatile metronome for precise rhythm training.
Compact size The MA-20 is a compact metronome that contains complete functionality for accurate tempo production and display.
Verbal tempo indicators, such as andante and allegro, are conveniently printed on the case.
The unit is pocket-sized for easy carrying.
Tap tempo function If you're uncertain of the numeric tempo of a song, simply press the MA-20's tap-in button in time with the rhythm you hear, and the Tap function will set the tempo accordingly.
Easily set tempo and time signature The MA-20 is suitable for a wide variety of musical styles, from classic to rock and jazz, with thirteen types of time signatures built in.
Easily select from 0 to 7 beats, double and triple meter, triplets without the middle note, quadruplets, and quadruplets without the middle notes.
Sound Out mode- In the Sound Out mode, the twelve notes from C4-B4 can be output to an external amplifier, allowing you to tune to the note you desire.
The Calibration function lets you adjust the pitch of these notes in 1 Hz steps in either the modern 440 Hz pitch range (438-445 Hz) or the historical 415 Hz pitch range (413-420 Hz).This allows you to set the pitch as appropriate for your musical genre.
Large LCD pendulum indicates the tempo
A large, highly visible LCD pendulum indicates the time signature according to the specified tempo, accurately marking out the rhythm.

MA-20 specifications:
Tempo Range: 40-208 times/minute
Display:LCD indicator, Precision: +/-0.2%
Calibration range: 413-420 Hz, 438-450 Hz (1Hz steps)
Tuning pitches: Range: C4-B4 (262-494 Hz)
Precision: +/-1 cent (+/-0.06%)
Sound Output: Earphone jack (2.6 mm diameter monaural)
Power supply: AAA batteries x two (not included)
Dimensions: 99 (W) x 62 (H) x 16.5 (D) mm /3.9"(W) x 2.44"(H) x 0.65"(D)
Weight: 2.1 oz. (without batteries)

Retail Price: $32.00
Web Price: $24.95

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Exacto Quartz Metronome EX-2
EXACTO Quartz Metronome

Digital Quartz Accuracy
Tone or LCD/Lighting/Setting
Credit Card Size

Retail Price: $21.95
Web Price: $14.95!

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Korg KCA-20 Chromatic Tuner
Korg CA-20 Chromatic Tuner

LCD Meter & LED Lights
Auto & Manual Tuning modes
Tuning Range: 430-449Hz
Uses 9V Battery (not included)

Retail Price: $32.00
Web Price: $20.00

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