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Trumpet Accessory Package

The perfect gift for the trumpet student or professional. Everything the player needs. This package includes:

Arban's Complete Method
Advanced Lip Flexibilities
Trumpet Cleaning Kit
1 Bottle of Zaja Oil(tm)
1 Bottle of Zaja Slide Lube
Korg CA-20 7 Octave Chromatic Tuner
Korg MA-20 Quartz Metronome
Joral Straight Mute
Harmon Wa-Wa Mute
Practice Mute
Humes & Berg Cup Mute
Pack-A-Stand Folding Trumpet Stand

Retail Price: $324.90

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Scream Package

For all high note trumpet fans. This CD package includes:

Walt Johnson "Trumpet Scroll", Jim Manley "Lip Trip", Jeff Kievitt "For Once", Mike Vax "Alternate Route" and Primal Therapy "Primal Therapy".

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Chops Package

For all serious trumpet players. Develop range, power and endurance with these great books. Package includes:

The First Trumpeter by Jimmy Maxwell
Advanced Lip Flexibilities by Charles Colin
Double High C in Ten Minutes by Walt Johnson
Breath Control by Charles Colin

Retail Price: $54.45

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Air Package

Develop and maintain you air flow. The Air Control Package includes:

Breath Control by Charles Colin
Lip, Breath & Sound Technique by Mancini
45 Minute Complete Breathing Tape by Rich Szabo
1 Air Extender(tm)

CAT# airpkg
Retail Price: $30.90

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Big Band Package

A great package for all Big Band Fans! A collection of some of the best Big Band recordings that have been released some of which you cannot find in your local record store. Package includes 4 CD's:

Mid Somers Night Dream - Somers Dream Orchestra
Everything Under The Sun - Ira B. Liss
Walkin' Easy - Don Bowes
Tribute to Stan Kenton - Dennis Noday

CAT# bigbandpkg
Retail Price: $66.00

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Claude Gordon Package
Get all 6 Claude Gordon Books!
This package includes:
  • Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing
  • Daily Trumpet Routines
  • Physical Approach to Elementary Brass Playing
  • Systematic Approach to Daily Practice
  • Thirty Velocity Studies
  • Tongue Level Exercises
  • Retail Price: $69.70

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    Arranging Package
    All 6 arranging books by Gordon Delamont

    These texts are a complete examination of all aspects of modern arranging and composing. Adopted by high school and college music theory programs everywhere. They provide students with a logical, progressive and comprehensive study of all modern trends.

    Package Includes:

  • Modern Harmonic Technique Vol. 1
  • Modern Harmonic Technique Vol. 1
  • Modern Arranging Technique
  • Modern Melodic Technique
  • Modern Contrapuntal Technique
  • Modern Twelve-Tone Technique
  • Retail Price: $136.00

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