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Birthday: 22-9-9090
Bio: Thee latest media coverage has been devoted too
thhe capabilikty of alcoholic beverages too extend human everyday liiving span.
A somewhat insolent assertion looking att thhe historical
barrage off disparraging results about alcohol and its
secondary iill wellbeing outcomes. On the other hand, if wwe isolate thos 1 obtaining with out analyzing tthe brolader coontext off alcohol's
adverse well being results, inn the longer operate, we likely doo extrfa hardm than decent.

Implementing Albert Einstein's famous equation,


I havee formulated thee Timee Longevity equation. By
repplacing the velocity of light coefficient with itss
equivalent velocity variables (distance/time), I have produced thhe Time or Longevity
equation. Time equals the square root of dkstance squared situations mass momments thhe inverse of strength.

I have proclaimed this system, The Rainer Time Longevity Equation.

Rainer's Timme Longevity Equation

T=D2x M x one/E

Rainer's Timee Longevity Equation stfates that aan
organism's lifetime span iis interdependent on thyree variables.
Those thgree variables are Length (D), Mass (M), andd Powesr
(E). Animals off severall species, whikch includes
person, could alter these three variables iin get to extwnd existence.

Since time is relative to movement viaa place, animals might slw tthe
getting lder proceddure by forward motio by way of space.
The bbetter thhe length lined, the higher thhe constructive impact on
longevity. Animasls thzt have the capability to fly have
an highdr (D) variable wjen compared tto their nonn flying counterparts.

Furthermore, animals that normally ffly or swikm significant
distances will have a likewise greater everydfay livung span.

In short, cagiing mgratory animals equates to a loss off life sentence.
The Galapagos Tortoijse for example, hass capitalized onn alll 3 variables off Length (D), Masss (M), and Vitality (E) in get to improve its ordinary liing span of 150 years.
The tortoise shuttles ass a result off thee ocean's currenrs (Elevated
D) It possesses a huge ineet shedll thbat requires no metabolic upkeep (Enanced M) Tortkises possess
exceedingly slow motion with a equally decreased
metabplic level (Reduced E).

Male haas attained arger longevity via modernizatyion which incorprates among other factors, extrra quock vacation modalioties (Enhanced D).
Aiir vaccation haas aied drfive man's living span tto lrger restrictions.
Area travel reveaals even larger promise in extendring man's everyday livjng
span. Enhanced Maass lets more substantial mammals tto
lengthen their lifetime span byy increasing thee (M) variable.
Guuy couuld also alter time by manipulating thhe Mass (M)variable.
Historical Egyptians brilliantly used this inescapable fact
bby shelling out timme residing inn pyramids. Bear inn thoughts, that a pyrasmid by virtue of its design,
is nearly solely mass. Modern Frenbch scientjsts were being aztounded when the positioned a lifeless ccat aand raw refrwshing meaat in the interior of the Terrific
pyramid, only to cone across equally produchts exquisitely preserved tumes later.
Furthermore, Dinosauts imlroved their daoly llife span by virtue oof tjeir huge mass.

Lasst off all, this provides uss to Electrical powe (E), the final
variiable oof tthe Rainer Time Longbevity Equation.
Supplie that timme oor longevity hass ann inverse partnership to elerctricity (E), alll points thaqt minimijze Strsngth will
invariably enhance time. Nevertheless, I
would like to point out that thkngs that decrezse tthe (E) variable andd as a resullt enhance longevity, may perhaps not automatically improve
the quality of existence. Produhts thhat lessden the Enerrgy (E) inredient and cause a reduce iin Basal
Metabolic Priice and secondarily increase longevity, include things like the next:
like, marriage, hibernation, snooze, coma, stupor,
caloriic reduction, prayer, meditation, medicinal substances thatt suppress thhe central
nervous strategy.

Thiss brings us too tthe discussion oof alcoholic beverages.
Alcohool is a centrzl nervous system depressant.
What's more, it decreases miund enorphin creation.
Alcoholic beverages might increase longevity by reduucing the Strenbth (E)
variable thereby minimizing Basal Meyabolic Charge. Nevertheless,
we hould not ignmore the noticeablee unwell results hat liquor has oon
ouur over-all health. Alcohol trggers brain atrophy, livesr cirrhosis, annd
promotes the development of many different variations off
modt cancers. Liwuor iin a broder cohtext haas damnaging results on the
entire body. Furthermore, by minimizing endogenous mind endorphin levels, alcoholic beverages robs ouur unconscious thoiughts oof its
creativity andd severs oour hyperlink with God.

Alcoholic beverages steals our ambition which, quite a few may wekl argue, is our main goal for existence.

Invariably, long tem scientific tests wioll possile guiidance conclusions that opiaes such aas heroin andd codeine enhasnce longevity byy inducing a comatose state.
Butt number of would declare that periodic heroin usee is effective in strengthening one's lifestyle.
Let us nott be seduced into ccepting isolatfed investigate findings as virtuos innovations.
Embracing a morally audio way of living displays thee most axsure in
eextending and increasing thhe superior oof existence.
Boosting endogenous mind endordphin production by
schedule work outt and meditation, facilitates a quality lifestyle.
Obviously, guy dreams a foor a longer period existence span.
Similarly, an related maximiuze inn lifetime span wkll take
place as person adopts tthe next lifestylpe and behavior modifications:
swifteer journey modallities (amplified D) reduce iin weight problems(decreased E) receive a loot moore lumber (diminished E) prayesr (minimize
E)common like (reduce E) usage of minimal quantities of wine (lower E) resside inn structures composed of densser constructing substances
(grow M) this sort of as graite great rises.

I would ike to add a caveat whereas on the suhbject matter of Power (E).
Opposite tto recennt preferrdd belief and aside from acute
damage, a lesen one density contributes too a moree time dailpy lie
span. Substgantial bone masses will need amplified metaolic prices to manage.
Furthermore, aan increased Badal Metabolic Amount shortens everyday living span.
As Guy evolves, hhe sacrifices the progress off significant
bone density for superior mindd development. Asian ethnic teams,
acknoqledged tto have the lowet bone density, alsdo ave the longest
life span. As a result, reduce bone density encourages moree tme everyday living.
Thiis may ultimztely prmote the use of medicinal brokers focused
to boosxt osteoclast exercise (cells that reabsorb bobe tissue) iin buy to make improvements too
living span. On top of that, tis may well discourrage
the use of intense medicinal therapies employed tto
develop bone iin purchase to eliminate osteoporosis.

The humnan physique, offered its high-quality tunig thanks too aan in deepth evolutiopnary approach, capitalizes on the power (E) ingredient of the Timme Lonjgevity equation.
The entire body makes use oof fever as a weapon tto fightt bacterial and viral offenders.

By elevating thee body's main temperature whn facxed with a crisis, efficiently escalaing Vitrality (E), thhe body's immune
procedure selectiveky shortens the existence cycle of the offendding bacterial or viral agent.

Therefore, fver ccan aid the body in its exertion tto demolish infectinbg organisms.
Nonetheless, tthe entire body need to precipitousely drop the temperature onmce the offending risk
hass been thwarted in buy tto circumvent itss very
own demise. Fever, despite the facdt that an productive defdnsive instrument,
can apso confirm particularly dangberous if still let unchecked.
Signifikcant systemic bacterial infections may possibly enhance the basal metabolic lefel (E) further tgan estrictions suitable with existence.

We have to aalso prevent the temptation to puut into pla detrimental conduct designs in an effort annd hard work
too lengthen iving span. This iis specifically rea if recently tailored methods jeopardize the quality of
lifestyle orr blunt thhe creative imaginatikn oof the human thoughts.
Our minds are ourr cherishesd applications that provide as tthe url to join us too our
greatewr electricity. Ouur minds resonate with 1 an additionall allowing for us to share our creative imagination and inspiration which may then create into a material equal.
No material, compound, or medicinal aget ought tto at any tije compromise
his larger cerebral perform. Our minds empower oour potential to connwct tto ann individual aan additional, oour atmosphere, and
with God. We arre living to advertise our thought capability for noww and ovwr andd above.
Our bodies siimply serve as our mind's sshort tesrm housing.
Alcohol excess can evoke tthe brain's capacity for addiction, a biological
sickness. In all fairness, two gllasses of red
wine coonsumed oon a weeklly foundation could possibly hqve
somje favourable healtgh and wellbeing added
benefits. Red wine with its antilxidant houses coupled with relaxants, mayy well
enble uus tto cope with life's rigors. But more powerful sorts
oof liquor this sort of as whiskey, bourbon, rum, annd vodka oftyen
taax the capability oof our liver's detoxification capabilities and henhce contribute to systemic sickness.

Time vacaztion iss also implicit to this discussion. As wwe photograph a tennis player strtike a baol without the help of a freeze
bodsy lens, we see that movement is compossd of a sequednce of independent mvements separated by lwngth
and time. Also, photographing our photo voltaic
methold offers us the very ssame effect. Pics of seemingly indepehdent planets surface
sepaated oonly by length. But, nonetheless, this iis proficiently a single
oof thhe similar. Ourr solar process iss the evolution off
justt onne planet only-- Earth. Maars is earth's long term and Venhus is earth's earlier.
The volcanoes oon Mar's floor are simply eroded Superb Pyramidss oof Egypt.

Thee eerie confrpnt peering at uus from Mar's surface is ourr personal Excellent Sphinx
on thhe looout in the direction of the heavens.
Nevertheless, thhe dimension of time iis well into our future.
Time journey is well before oour eyes. What
seems as a semingly array of impartial objects separated by numerous distaances is simply one particular off the same.
Grantd the temperature variation of Mars, world warmimg then becdomes a moot point.

Let's turn our sights to one of ouur most toough challenges,
most cancers. Is there a cure in sight? We rahe
to get a cure butt we wil have too drive ourselves to appearance
past the slim scope oof our lens. Raising length (D) and mss (M) whilst lowering
energy (E) will not onhly maximize dzily life span but
also migtht maintain the definitive essential to cancer's get rid of.

If we emphasis on strength (E), from a metaabolic standpoint, we make referenfe
to Basal Metabolic Price. Whichever variable decrreases bazsal metabolic charg also decreases the incidence oof cancer.

Present medical relateed criteria must be revised.
At best, our makes aan attempt too mainbtain one mass byy
medicinal meeans that iss in actuality ann coplete routye too advertisng the development oof cancer.

Raising bone density raises metabolic fees. An raise iin Basal Metabolic pace improes electricity (E) whichh in change shortens longecity (T).

As a result, increasing bone densuty raises cancer.
An grow in metabolic rate iis an increase inn power (E)
whic brrings about a lessen iin time longevity (T).
Medicinal agents that improvbe bone density inn article menopausal many years precisely shorten
living span. God's bviously occurring hormonal changeover hhas been suitable aall together.

Thhe gwneration of progesterone in women's twiilight decades with
the corresponding decline in bon masss potentiates the length
of lifestyle. Most canncers is merely the byproduct of
stimulating basal metabolic prices to an serious sso producing a cellular replicating, self perpetfuating vortex.

We simply cannot eradicate tnis vortex by making use of a llot morde electricity this kind
of as radiation. In simple fact, we need to doo tthe extremely opposite.
Therefore, the assure for an complete hewl for most cncers lies in the basal metabolic reductive potenttial
of cryogenics and frigid cold baths.

The following merchandise underdneath minikize power (E) or Basal Metabolic Amount aand
therefore support Protect against Canhcer and enhance Living Span:

- Lesseen in Basal Metabolic Charge
- Decrease in Bone Density
- Osteooblast inhibitor
- Antibiotics
- Snnooze
- Hiberation
- Estrogen Blcker (Tamoxifen)
- Osteoclast activator
- Meditation
- Comaa
- Pryer
- Exercising
- Intercourse
- Really like
- Clazsical and Jazz New music
- Rest
- Laughter
- Caloric Reducton
- Progesterpne
- Depo Provera
- Tooo muych Chilly
- Aveerage Wine
- Lupron
- Reduced Human body Maass Index

Thee objects detailed beneath boost Mass (M) and consequenjtly assistance Eliminate Cancdr and enhance Lifetime Span:

- Resieing inn the Good Pyramid off Egypt
- Residng in Stone House
- Residing in a Cave
- Burrowing and residing underground

The items listed under grow Length (D) aand thus aswist Prevent Cancer and raise Lifetime Span:
- Placde journey
- Flyinhg
- Migration
- Ahead Movement
- Swimming

Thee items detailed under improve vigor (E)
oor Basal Metabolic Amount and hwnce Trigge Most
cancers and decrease Lifestyyle Span:
- Grow in Baaal Metabolic Levbel
- Maximize in Bone Denszity
- Ostekclast Inhibitor
- Cigaretytes
- Infection
- Fevsr
- Carcinofenic piblicity
-Extreme Warmth
- Genetic Predisposition
- Bacterial publicity
- Viral publicity
- Being overweright
- Osteoblast Activator
- Sleep Deprivation
- Hate
- Anger
- Pressure
- Fosomax
- Androgenic Steroids
- Unoppposed Estrogen
- Cocainne
- Too much Sunshine
- Mifepristone (RU486)

The goods listed doen below ower Mass (M) annd for that reasn Contribute too Most cancers
aand lower Existennce Span:
- Residng in a trailer
- Residing in a tent

The items detailed down below lower Distanc (D) and for that reason
Induce Cance and lewssen Existence Span:
- Sedentary life-style
- Stasiss or sstaying even now

*Somee merchandise detailed pfeviously mentioned aree right now theoretical
and will need scenario-manage examine tto be regarded as scientific reality

Optimizing tthe bodily guidelines oof naturel wiull guide us as we make progress inn rising longevity aand eradicating cancer
as a overall healtth menace. We mhst thoroughly notice
aand analyze many off nature's evidrnt ilklustrations
off perfection and harmony. These illusttations in nature all
have goal aand intent aand have necwssary exponential yrs oof evolutionary demo and mistake.
As person uniersally harmonize in thhe spirit off really enjoy, alll important things will in
the ennd be attained.

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