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Primal Therapy is a 10 piece Toronto-based band that was inspired by the group Chase, whose 1971 hit "Get It On" topped the charts. Chase was at the height of their popularity, along with groups like Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago and Lighthouse. Bandleader Brian Schriver assembled Primal Therapy to resurrect the music of Chase with a 90's flare.

Band Members have very eclectic backgrounds from opera to rock, chosen not only for their musicianship but for their youthful energy - an energy that is essential to a group of this nature. The excitement generated by Primal Therapy is due to its unique instrumentation, soulful vocals, complex and powerful horn lines, extended jazz solos and a potent rhythmic base.

Past performances include the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, Beaches Jazz Festival, Celebrate Toronto Street Festival,

Hamilton - Hess St. Jazz Festival and Markham Jazz Festival.

Not for the weak at heart, this band, at full cry, will knock your fillings loose!!

Click on any of the links below to listen to samples of this recording. These clippings are in "RealAudio" format. The "RealPlayer" is required to listen to these clippings and is free to download at Real's site.

  1. Bochawa - trumpet solos: John Minnis, Bob Rice
  2. Livin' in Heat - vocals: Vince Thomas, Lara Klymko
  3. Handbags and Gladrags
  4. Get It On
  1. It Won't Be Long
  2. Woman of the Dark - trumpet solos: John George, Bob Rice, John Minnis, Brian Scriver
  3. Aphrodite Part II - VENUS - flugelhorn/trumpet solo: - Brian Scriver

"Primal Therapy is a very exciting group with unlimited potential."
Tommy Martin - Manager, Bill Chase

"I think every band should have 4 trumpets... I really like it."
Walt Johnson - L.A. Trumpet Artist, lead trumpet Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Streisand, Chase Tribute Album.

To order the Primal Therapy C.D. please send a $16.50 check or money order to:
Fame Management
PO Box 262
Livingston, NJ 07039


973-994-2301 fax


shipping and handling are included

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